Brickstream Device Manager
Device Configuration & Management

Device Manager Software

Brickstream Device Manager is a comprehensive configuration and management application that allows you to remotely access, manage, configure and troubleshoot Brickstream sensors across multiple locations. A centralized dashboard console displays the current status of all appliances and supports real-time changes or scheduled configuration changes and device maintenance. Sensors can be managed without direct access to in-store networks. This access eliminates the need to individually update each device when making changes. Instead, you can create a single task and apply it to multiple devices.

Brickstream Device Manager also allows real-time monitoring of the Brickstream Sensor’s field of view.

Industry leading security features ensure the management, monitoring, & reporting, with multi-level access, privacy & secure operation within your network. All data is XML based for easy integration into other reporting and forecasting tools.

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Brickstream Device Manager drastically reduces deployment and operational management time for a faster return on investment

One-touch, remote Brickstream device configuration, minimizing time for operational employees to get the deployment completed and greater employee productivity.

Centralized device management - configure and upgrade all sensors at once.

Manage up to 32 zones – specific areas tracked by a single sensor or group of Path Linked devices.

Visualize store traffic and dwell areas using traffic maps (also known as heat maps)

Download Device Manager Datasheet (pdf)