Brickstream® 2D

The Brickstream 2D single lens smart device provides accurate customer counting in indoor environments with low to medium traffic volumes and consistent lighting. The Brickstream 2D is used by retailers, mall operators, entertainment venues, transportation facilities, healthcare facilities and others for people counting.

Accurate Analytics for Physical Spaces

The Brickstream 2D is a single lens device and supports low traffic, well lighted environments for people counting. It collects and stores counting metrics at one minute granularity. It also supports real-time data delivery. Flash memory stores configuration settings and 10 days of data. The 2D supports scheduled streaming digital video output for remote data validation.

Easy, unobtrusive and overhead mounting.

Like all Brickstream sensors, the Brickstream 2D is IP addressable, enabling remote management and support, including software upgrades. It is configured through a simple, intuitive web interface or through Device Manager. The Brickstream 2D does not require an in-store PC or any other additional in-store devices required for data collection and delivery.

The Brickstream 2D is fully compatible with the 3D and LIVE sensors.

Download brickstream 2d datasheet (pdf)