Brickstream 3D Gen 2

The #1 People Counter for Retail, Transportation Hubs, and Smart Buildings

By taking advantage of Brickstream's reliable performance and backed by our "always-there" support team, you can focus on driving strategies for increased retail conversion and more efficient transportation hubs and optimized smart buildings.

Intelligent Counting

• Patented stereo vision and people counting technology accurately track and analyze traffic in real time.
• Distinguishes between adults, children and other objects e.g. shopping carts.
• Reliable performance in low light, low contrast, and very bright scenes.

Reduce Cost + Simplify Deployment

• Integrated surface mount and wide range of mounting heights with only 2 lens options.
• Brickstream Device Manager offers remote management and task automation across large groups of sensors and multiple sites.

Count Customers, Not Staff

• The Employee Filtering feature automatically and reliably removes staff counts from customers counts.
• Staff are identified by wearing small, easily concealed BLE tags.

Download brickstream 3d-gen2 datasheet (pdf)