Brickstream® 3D+

The industry’s first analytics sensor to combine Traffic Counting, Wi-Fi and iBeacon.™ Now retailers can satisfy operational and marketing goals with a single sensor. By combining multiple technologies, including Video, Wi-Fi and iBeacon, into one sensor, the Brickstream 3D+ minimizes the expenses of deploying and maintaining store infrastructure.

Significant Infrastructure and Maintenance Savings

The Brickstream 3D+ provides traffic counting, labor optimization, and in-store analytics as well as Wi-Fi device detection that can feed metrics for new vs. repeat customer as well as loyalty program and incentive data.


Leveraging Brickstream 3D device technology, Brickstream 3D+ adds the capture of Wi-Fi device information and also integrates Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon technology, that, until now, required multiple dedicated devices. Used autonomously or in tandem with other Brickstream sensors, Brickstream 3D+ provides unmatched flexibility. In addition, remote device configuration and management via an integrated web interface or, optionally, using the Brickstream Device Manager software allows for rapid deployment and reduces total cost of ownership.


Stereo Video

Two lens are used to capture 3D video. The height, direction, mass and velocity of people and objects in the field of view are extracted and used to identify people (and groups moving together, such as families) from the background and from objects such as strollers and shopping carts. This “track” of behavior information also includes a time/date stamp. Together, this track tells a powerful story – an adult (alone, with children or in a group) has entered the space at a specific day/time, from a particular direction and is moving at a known speed. Armed with this information, the manager of the space, such as a retailer, can improve the visitor’s experience – wait time in a line, for example.


Marketing Benefits

The Brickstream 3D+’s integrated Wi-Fi and BLE supplement the traffic and in-store analytics data by providing detailed data on Wi-Fi enabled devices in or near the store site for enabling metrics such as passerby traffic, shopping duration, new vs repeat visits, multi-store visits and offline marketing campaign attribution.


Access and control all your Brickstream Smart Devices in a central command center. Like the rest of Brickstream smart devices, Brickstream 3D+ is an IP device that can be accessed and managed over a network. This includes the Wi-Fi sensor and iBeacon. In addition, Brickstream Device Manager can be used to remotely configure and manage entire deployments of Brickstream devices.


Download brickstream 3d+ datasheet (pdf)