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Trend-Setter Land And Houses Attracts Anchor Tenants With High Traffic Volumes

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall uses Brickstream sensors

Land and Houses is a trend-forward mall developer in Thailand. They developed the famous airport-themed mall, Terminal 21. Opened in 2012, the mall has 9 floors with over 2000 retail spaces. Main anchor tenants are apparel retailer H&M, health club Fitness First, SF Cinema City and Gourmet Market, a supermarket of The Mall Group. The mall includes the longest escalator in the world.

Business Challenge

Location is critical to success for a retailer and Land and Houses uses traffic data to substantiate the value of each retail space. Inside Terminal 21 are small side “streets” or lanes that intersect with the main halls.


IMAS introduced Land and Houses to Brickstream® 3D devices that would allow them to continuously measure the traffic in their malls. Land and Houses recognized their state-of-the-art mall, Terminal 21, could use this technology to their competitive advantage.

Today, Land and House has deployed Brickstreamsensors throughout the Terminal 21 mall and continuously tracks all mall visitors throughout the mall and lanes and demonstrates the volume throughout the day, week, month and year. The traffic down each lane determines the value of the retail spaces. Land and Houses measure the traffic of the lanes, lane intersections, entrances, escalator and car park entrances using Brickstream 3D devices.

The Brickstream 3D devices are only 66mm x155mm x33mm in size and are mounted in the ceiling of the mall in strategic locations. The Brickstream 3D devices use stereo vision analytics to count and track the path of people through the field of view of the device. The devices are able to distinguish between adults and children and identify shopping units such as families.

The patented path tracking technology in the Brickstream3D devices make them the most accurate device on the market for behavior analytics including people counting. Unlike devices based on thermal or 2D technology, heat curtains, strollers, shopping carts, luggage, sunlight and shadows do not affect the accuracy of Brickstream 3D devices. Brickstream devices are powered by Power over Ethernet (POE) and are remotely managed, configured, updated and monitored by Brickstream device management software.

Remote device management dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership over systems that are manually configured at the devices themselves. Using Brickstream Device Manager tens of thousands of devices deployed around the world can be efficiently managed from a single Brickstream device management system.

New malls face the challenge of valuing spaces without the benefit of historical data. The impressive mall traffic figures inside Terminal 21 were key to attracting anchor tenant H&M.

In addition, retailers can also use the same technology as the mall operator within their store space to count people in/out of their store. Measuring people traffic in physical spaces such as malls and retail stores is referred to as “people counting”. People counting is popular with retailers and mall operators in the USA and Europe. With accurate count data retailers are able to compare store performance across their chain and to staff stores according to demand.

As mall competition grows in Thailand, differentiating retail spaces based on visitor data is vital to the success of mall operators. Land and Houses is leading the way by using cutting edge technology to prove the level of traffic to substantiate the value of each of their spaces in the Terminal 21 mall. Discerning retailers will require traffic and other behavior data before finalizing space pricing.

Land and Houses Retail Mall Case Study People Counting and Tracking

Download PDF: Trend-Setter Land And Houses Attracts Anchor Tenants With High Traffic Volumes (PDF 150KB)


  • Measure the success of advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Manage the assignment of security personnel more effectively
  • Analyze customer behavior in different areas of the malls such as the food court, theaters, outside terraces, eating & gathering areas
  • Measure sales conversion for the common areas
  • Set retailer rent based on sales conversion

“People counting is especially critical for new developments that need to demonstrate revenue opportunities for prospective tenants”

- Torsak Busaranon
GM, Terminal 21