Brickstream’s Behavior Intelligence Solution

An end-to-end solution for collecting, analyzing and acting upon behavior data from physical environments. Know where people go, stop and buy in your store or location.

Our solution consists of three components:

  1. Brickstream Smart Devices, IP based “computers with eyes”, that capture the behavior of visitors.
  2. BehaviorIQ®, a cloud based analytics platform that aggregates the behavior data collected from our smart devices, integrates with Enterprise systems, and provides actionable insights.
  3. IQ Apps and Dashboards that deliver the insights to support timely decisions – including real-time decisions.

Always know what’s happening in your stores/location with Brickstream’s behavior intelligence solution.



Brickstream Smart Devices

kstream LIVE Smart Device

Unifies stereo vision analytics, video capture and wireless location capture in a single IP enabled device.

Brickstream LIVE Datasheet

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Brickstream 3D Smart Device

Stereo vision analytics for people counting, queue management and in-store analytics.

Brickstream 3D Datasheet

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rickstream 2D Smart Device

Single lens video capture offering lower cost for applications not requiring stereo vision data capture.

Brickstream 2D Datasheet

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Brickstream BehaviorIQ® Analytics Software

The Brickstream BehaviorIQ platform lets to you gather, view and analyze behavior data across your entire enterprise.

  • Behavior, Labor, Transaction, and Tracking Analytics
  • Scalable
  • Interfaces to enterprise data such as POS and Workforce Management
  • Extensible via our REST API

Brickstream BehaviorIQ Datasheet

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BehaviorIQ Platform

Brickstream IQ Applications


Brickstream TrafficIQ Dashboard

  • Arrivals
  • Exits
  • Occupancy
  • Sales Conversion
  • Per store and regional traffic
  • Real-time, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually

Brickstream TrafficIQ Datasheet

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Brickstream Dashboard BigBox

  • Front-end service management for parallel, serpentine and unstructured queues
  • Chain wide historical reporting for easily measuring and improving performance across your network
  • Real time dashboards help front-end managers reallocate staff on the fly
  • Predictive recommendations for opening and closing lanes based on actual customer traffic, not historical transactions

Brickstream QueueIQ Datasheet

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  • Improve end-cap and display performance
  • Measure dwell times, display exposure, customer engagement
  • Understand the relationship of product conversion rates to end-cap positioning and store layout

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Not a Retailer? Not a Problem.

Brickstream serves many other venues.

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